Infrastructure & logistics

Important representatives of the offshore renewable industry have already moved in to the Lindø Industrial Park creating a grooming center for development of wind energy technology.


Lindoe Welding Technology is situated at Lindø Industrial Park in the center of Denmark with harbor facilities and in close vicinity to the high-way. 

Inside Lindø Industrial Park, Kamag trolleys can easily - and carefully - transport large structures from place to place during construction, i.e. from welding to painting. They carry up to 550 tonnes each and can be interconnected for larger structures; which can be transported everywhere inside the 1.1 million square metres industrialized area.  






Overview picture of Lindø Industrial Park: designed and optimised to handle large and heavy section steel components. 

The harbour area and the logistics are ideal for large structures - such as wind turbine towers and foundations.











Lindø Industrial Park is ideal when it comes to handling of heavy section items; as it provides crane capacity, means for internal transportation and painting facilities. 

The large gantry crane, shown to the left, has a height exceeding 100 m, and carries up to 1.100 tonnes.




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